Our Values

The name of the Company comes from the union of the archaic “es” (from) with terra (land, in latin) and its goal is to express the connection of the Company to the traditional cultivation and the purity of the products of this land.

The design of the symbol of its trademark also stems from the values that mark this Company. Thus, knowledge and tradition lead to the design of an eternal unique olive tree, which has a ladder as a trunk, an element that symbolizes at the same time the traditional way of collecting olives as well as the modern, dynamic prospects of the Company.

Esterra’s goal is the creation of products of high specifications with all qualitative characteristics and values of nature with no differentiation of the final product due to the human factor. Production is made on our own land parcels under our care in the area of the city of Kiparissia, in the region of Messinia, where with knowledge, devotion and originality we wish to offer the end client really exceptional products  that will incorporate the values of the pure land of Messinia.,


Why choose Us !


Trust the quality of our Products


Respect in human needs

Knowledge & Devotion

Knowledge & Devotion in the cultivation of agricultural products


Authenticity of agricultural products