Verga® Gift


The name VERGA® comes from the twig used since ancient times to shake the olives from the branches of trees to collect the olive fruit.

VERGA® is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced from the variety (“koroneiki”) and is characterized by high quality features.

The collection of the olives begins in late October each year and is performed with great care by special machines in order not to injure the olive fruit.

Then they are transferred in plastic crates to the mill so that the fruit is not squeezed and remain intact with all its characteristics.

The oil extraction is done in the same day of collection of the fruit by the process of “cold-pressing”. The kneading of the paste lasts no longer than 30 minutes and the temperature that did not exceed 25 degrees Celsius.

The production process is controlled exclusively by us in order to ensure in full all the requirements of a perfect result.

The oil I s then bottled immediately and maintained at 15 degrees Celsius, to gain and maintain the same excellent conditions as when coming out of the mill.

VERGA® has excellent organoleptic properties, with fruity flavor and is characterized by the aromas of the elements of nature such as tomatoes and freshly cut grass with a balanced sense of bitter and spicy.

According to chemical analysis, both acidity and peroxides are very low, a result which indicates a high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.